First time at an Abattoir?



Step 1

When raising livestock for harvest, plan well in advance. Call Braun’s to find out how far in advance you need to reserve. Confirm your pick up date and time with abattoir staff at the time of booking. *BUSIEST TIMES: Mid-August to November. It’s never too early to book!


Step 2

Braun is a fully licensed abattoir through VIHA and CIFA. If you don’t already have a relationship with a butcher, we offer butcher services on site.


Step 3

Preparing your animal for slaughter. Plan your mode of transportation well in advance to minimize stress. We can provide options for livestock transport. Do not feed 12 hours before slaughter. Provide plenty of fresh water and good ventilation for live transport. Do not feed while traveling. *PIG TRANSPORT TIP: If you have access to a trailer, park it near the pen and feed animals inside for a few days. Let them enjoy their new mobile home and get comfortable. Come harvest day you will appreciate the ease of loading.


Step 4

Arrive before dark the day prior to your actual slaughter date (google map). Drive around the right side of the building and reverse truck or trailer to the loading bay. Collect a form from the clipboard at the loading bay. Fill it in using your personal name, not your farm name. Find an empty stall of appropriate size and clip paperwork onto the clipboard. Open the door into the passage to create a chute for livestock. Use boards provided to create a runway from the back of the trailer or truck if needed. Staff is not always on site or available to help unload. Please ensure you are able to unload animals by yourself or bring your own help. *NOTICE: There is clean bedding and fresh water for the animal's comfort.


Step 5

Confirm the pick-up time. Ensure you have a new or clean tarp for transportation. Pay your invoice ahead by e-transfer or by cash or cheque upon pick up. If someone else is picking up for you, send a cheque with them or make arrangements through Catherine for e-transfer. *CALL CATHERINE: 778.426.4477 or email.